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Alleged Drunk Off Duty Deputy Punches Tween in Face at Restaurant

A Williamson County deputy has been fired from his position and charged after accusations that he punched a 12-year-old girl in the face outside of a restaurant while he was intoxicated.

Near dinnertime at the Oakwood BBQ restaurant in Austin, Texas, deputy Jack Danford Jr., reportedly a regular patron at the establishment, showed up at the restaurant to meet with his daughter and her boyfriend who had not arrived yet. When walking through the door staff members informed him that they were closed and he would have to leave, but he was said to have refused their request.

42-year-old Danford made his way to one of the tables outside in the back of the restaurant and allegedly consumed a couple of beers while waiting for the pair to arrive. When they made it to the destination Danford reportedly told his daughter that he had spent the day drinking.

A 12-year-old girl was also outside the restaurant with her mother’s boyfriend’s dog while waiting for him to complete work-related tasks. The dog, who was wandering around, caught Danford’s attention and he picked it up and began to pet the animal.

After Danford put him down, the young girl went to play with the pooch and Danford allegedly tackled her to the ground and punched her in the face without any known reason.

The girl’s caretaker spotted the incident taking place and tried to intervene physically, but he stated that Danford did not stop hitting the girl until he kicked him in the head with his steel-toe boot and Danford fell to the ground and appearing to be knocked out.

The child was reportedly yelling for help and employees went to inspect the situation and placed a disturbance call to the local police. When authorities arrived they believed that the smell of alcohol coming from Danford was easily detectable.

The victim was taken to the hospital and treated for bruising, abrasions and a strained muscle in her neck.

Reports indicate that Danford was uncooperative with arresting officers at the scene resulting in their use of a baton to subdue him. When the situation calmed down Danford explained that he believed he had been drugged.

Danford was taken into custody and he is facing charges of public intoxication, injury to a child, and resisting arrest. Furthermore, he has been relieved of his position as a deputy.

The Williamson County Sheriff stated during an interview that though they have very little information about the allegations he believes the charges are serious enough to warrant immediate dismissal and that concerning certain offenses, “the rest of the story doesn’t have to be there.”

Danford paid his ordered bond and was released from custody. Additionally, he consented to a psychological evaluation.

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