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Wedded Bliss Turns Violent When Husband Forgot Anniversary

A woman who accused her spouse of forgetting their wedding anniversary was arrested on Wednesday when her disappointment and their arguing allegedly led her to hit him.

On the morning of March 21, 35-year-old Carol Lynn Stone began arguing with her husband, 41-year-old Ronnie William Alexander, when she was convinced that he had fallen prey to the cliché of forgetting their anniversary. Alexander left for work and their bickering reportedly continued through text messages throughout the day.

When Alexander returned home from work later that afternoon he brought his wife a rose and said he had plans to take her to a hotel on a weekend getaway. Stone was allegedly still very heated over the belief that Alexander had let their anniversary slip his mind and she decided to take a shower.

When Stone got out of the shower she heard the couple’s 3-month-old infant crying and she requested he feed the baby while she put her clothes on. Alexander reportedly fed their daughter in the living room as his wife continued yelling at him while she dressed in the bedroom.

Stone alleged that Alexander then pushed her onto the floor and she became enraged due to the fact that they have a history of physical domestic disputes. Stone stated in the affidavit that she “flipped the sh*t out” because she had hit a boiling point and grown tired of being abused. It was recorded that she began to strike Alexander in the face, chest, and head.

When Pasco County police questioned Alexander he showed them video clips of the incident that he had recorded with his cell phone depicting Stone in the act of hitting him while he is telling her to stop. He also reported that his wife had assaulted him in the past and he felt she was about to do it again. He further alleged that he had pushed her so that she would stop hitting him.

When deputies inquired about any injuries sustained in the alleged event Alexander had marks and scratches on his face, and he showed some bruising to the officers that they determined appeared too faded to have come from the current incident.

Stone also showed officers bruising that she had on her body and they believed that her injuries were also sustained in an event unrelated to the current fight.

Stone was taken into custody and booked into the Land O’Lakes Detention Center. She faces charges of misdemeanor domestic battery and she was held overnight in lieu of $150 bond which she posted the next day. Upon her release, she was ordered to have no contact with her husband during the pending case.

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