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Alleged Satanic Middle School Pair Planned to Eat Classmates

Two Florida preteens were reportedly discovered in the bathroom of their middle school with weapons that they are suspected of having planned to use to kill other students.

On Monday, a student at Bartow Middle School reported that they were worried about a rumor circulating concerning the safety of the children who attend the school. Police were stationed on campus the following day as a precaution.

On Tuesday morning, a recording from the school called one of the student’s mothers and it left a message to let her know that her daughter wasn’t accounted for during attendance. Her mother called back and said that there must have been an error because her child was at school.

School administration began looking around campus and allegedly found the girl, in addition to another adolescent who attends the school inside of the bathroom. The girls were reported as age 11 and 12.

The girls were reportedly discovered holding several items that could be used as weapons, such as knives and a pizza cutter, in addition to a glass which the authorities have labeled a goblet.

Detectives have alleged that the two young women hatched a plan to hide in the restroom and stab at least 15 children who were littler than themselves, eat the flesh off of the bodies, and use the glass to drink the blood of the deceased students. It is purported that they wanted to carry out this plan in order to commit a very large sin so that they could end their own lives after the incident and Satan would welcome them in the afterlife.

The two suspects allegedly spent the weekend together at the home of one of the girls and when the authorities searched the premises they reported that they found several objects leading them to suspect that the young women may have been involved in worshipping the devil. They additionally reportedly came across drawings and other items that they purport were a part of the alleged plan to commit the crimes.

Both girls were charged with conspiracy to commit murder, possession of a weapon on school property, carrying a concealed weapon, and disruption of a school function, and they are being held in juvenile detention while it is decided whether or not they will be tried as adults.

No students at the school at the time of the alleged incident were reported as harmed in any way.

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