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Shoplifter Used Udder to Taunt Cop During Heated Beef

A woman who is suspected of shoplifting from an Arkansas Walmart while wearing a cow costume allegedly used an appendage on the suit to make an unkind comment to a responding officer.

A security camera inside of a Walmart in Pine Bluff reportedly recorded a woman dressed in a cow costume while in the act of trying to steal Flonase allergy medicine by concealing it in her jacket pocket.

After the suspect and a person that she was shopping in the store with were seen going through the self-checkout they were stopped by the authorities as they were leaving the building.

The woman, identified as 27-year-old Ashley Curry, and her companion were brought back inside to the security office. On the way there Curry allegedly told the officer that she had to go to the bathroom, but her request was denied.

Curry reportedly went into the bathroom as they were passing the door and the officer stated that they saw her trying to take her coat off and grabbed the garment, which allegedly still held the Flonase.

When they were inside the security office the police determined that Curry would receive a pat-down search to see what she might have in her possession. It was reported in the affidavit that Curry then arched her back toward the officer and said that he could “suck a pink cow udder,” which was an adornment on the costume she was wearing.

The person who was in the store with Curry was permitted to leave and Curry was taken into custody on suspicion of resisting arrest and shoplifting. She was taken to the county jail and then released after paying $1,520 bail.

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