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Angry Driver Charged For Explosive Reaction After Accident

When a Lyft driver and another automobile were in a collision, the driver of the other car allegedly responded by flying off the handle and attempting to assault the service vehicle’s operator.

Hollywood, Florida, residents Carlos Camilo Nino and his wife were out for a drive on Sunday, when and he an SUV being used as a Lyft and in the act of transporting two passengers at the time reportedly crashed.

Following the impact, the two vehicles reportedly pulled into the parking lot of a nearby library so that they could handle the matter.

As they were parked, Nino was said to have gotten out of his car, while the Lyft driver, identified as Cynthia Rodriguez, allegedly stayed inside of her vehicle. Rodriguez said that after crashing into her SUV, Nino approached in an enraged manner and started to beat on the driver’s side window.

Rodriguez opened the window and alleged that Nino reacted violently by reaching inside of the vehicle and making an attempt to strike her before she threatened him with pepper spray which reportedly caused him to retreat.

Rodriguez and her passengers issued similar statements to the authorities and alleged that Nino was the cause of the accident. In addition, they claimed that after his angry confrontation and return to his vehicle, Rodriguez got out of the SUV and tried to get a picture of his license plate, but Nino smacked at her hand to stop her.

Nino and his wife, who had departed from the location after the initial confrontation with Rodriguez, came back to speak to the police about the incident.

Nino disputed Rodriguez’s account of the event and said that she was the one at fault for the accident. He further stated that he was following her in an attempt to get her to pull over because she did not immediately stop afterward.

After the officers heard both sides of the story they decided that Nino was the perpetrator, and they held him accountable for the accident and both of the assault claims.

Nino was taken into custody and booked for suspicion of burglary, assault, and battery. At his bond hearing, Nino was told that he is not allowed to have any contact with Rodriguez, and he will be incarcerated in lieu of $6,250.

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