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Angry Patron Battered Subway Worker with Uncut Sandwich

A Florida Man may face battery charges after allegedly throwing food at an employee in a Subway restaurant when they failed to cut his sandwich in half.

Early in the evening on January 9, a man who resides in Stuart, Florida, visited a Subway restaurant and ordered a sandwich. When the employee handed him the paper-wrapped hero, he noticed it had not been cut in two and became displeased at the lack of proper preparation.

According to reports, the man voiced his complaint to the woman working behind the counter, and the verbal exchange became aggressive. Other patrons were in the establishment, and they believed it created an uncomfortable environment.

The employee informed the man that she would not continue to work with him, he allegedly escalated to a physical level by aiming the uncut submarine in her direction and letting it fly. The food reportedly struck the woman in the stomach.

As the alleged perpetrator turned to exit the restaurant, the employee followed him out the door and trailed him to a vehicle. She reportedly captured a picture of the license plate on the car she believed he was driving just prior to calling the authorities about the incident.

A deputy from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office went to the location, and they began investigating the claims. According to the narrative in the police report, the deputy spoke with another employee working the shift who said they viewed the incident as it occurred. Their story reportedly aligned with the details already provided about the situation. The deputy used the license plate number to get an address for the suspect.

When the man accused of the sandwich attack talked to the police, he reportedly told them he threw the sandwich down onto the counter, but not at anyone in the restaurant. He was taken into custody on suspicion of misdemeanor battery and incarcerated in lieu of a $1,000 bond.

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