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Apartment Caught Fire with Kids Locked in Room 

A Southern California couple was arrested when they reportedly locked their three children in a room in their apartment, and the dwelling caught on fire while they were out for a walk. 

Around 2:00 AM on November 3, the authorities received a report informing them that an apartment in a multi-unit complex in Burbank was on fire. 

When officers from the Burbank Police Department arrived, they were informed that the neighbors believed there were young children alone and trapped in the burning apartment. 

It was reported that five officers immediately rushed to the second-floor apartment, and they could hear the sound of the children calling for help. 

The officers located the bedroom that the children were in, and they were able to force their way through the door. They picked up the youngsters, ages 3, 5, and 6, and ran them outside of the complex.  

The officers and children had inhaled a lot of thick smoke while inside the building, and they were all taken to the hospital for medical treatment. 

It was reported that all five officers were released in stable condition. 

The firefighters worked for approximately half an hour to extinguish the flames. 

According to reports, officers saw their parents approaching the building after the children were rescued. When they were questioned about their whereabouts during the fire, they reportedly said they went for a walk to a nearby convenience store and had locked the kids in the room while they were out. 

Both parents were taken into custody and incarcerated for suspicion of felony child neglect. They are each being held on $100,000 bonds. 

The authorities are still investigating to find out the cause of the fire. 

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