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Arkansas Church Burglarized by Naked Woman

A nude woman allegedly broke a glass door to get into a locked church, and she is facing felony charges for the reportedly destructive act.

On November 18, the Lake Hamilton Baptist Church in Arkansas reportedly experienced a burglary before they opened their doors for the day.

A passerby reportedly spotted a woman who was sans clothing that appeared as if she had thrown an object at the church’s glass door and caused it to shatter.

The man saw law enforcement from the Garland County Sheriff’s Office passing by, and when he got their attention he told them about what he thought he had witnessed.

The law enforcement agents began to inspect the situation, and they reportedly saw that the glass on the door had been shattered, and the broken shards were on the ground.

The alleged intruder, identified as 26-year-old Treasure Camille Ducote Meylian, was reportedly discovered inside the building with fresh cuts on her hands.

Meylian required medical assistance, and she was taken to St. Vincent hospital in Hot Springs.

Using blood collected from Meylian at the hospital, the crime lab reportedly matched it with blood allegedly taken from the church at the time of the investigation of the break-in.

When they looked into the woman’s identity, the authorities found that a deputy had been to her home earlier in the morning to investigate a domestic disturbance in which she was also allegedly nude.

While at their home that morning, Meylian’s boyfriend reportedly told the deputy that she walked out the door with no clothing but had put on a coat.

On December 1, the police took Meylian into custody, acting on a warrant for her arrest that was authorized on November 19 for the incident that reportedly transpired at the house of worship.

She is facing charges for felony commercial burglary, and Meylian was jailed on a $3,500 bond.

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