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Hair-Seeking Salon Patron Arrested for Causing Ruckus

When a man was told that he would not be able to get the hair restoration procedure he inquired about, he allegedly became unruly, resulting in his arrest.

On the morning of November 24, the Frame Clinic in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, which also houses a salon called The Hair Clinic, was reportedly visited by a man who wished to address his complete baldness.

The man, identified as 46-year-old Jeffrey Kent, was welcomed into the establishment, and the potential client was asked what type of service he would like.

When Kent spoke with the owner of the salon about his desire, he was reported as having asked her if they had any product in stock that would restore the hair on his head.

The owner explained that they did not carry any product that could offer him what he was seeking, and told Kent they would be unable to give him service in that realm.

The man allegedly did not appreciate the denial, and Kent reportedly became so hostile that the authorities were notified by the salon staff to assist with the situation.

When officers from the Lawrenceburg Police Department arrived at the location, they took a report about the incident. The details about what Kent had reportedly done to cause the need for police involvement in his alleged aggressive outburst was not recorded in the affidavit.

Trent was taken into custody at the scene, and he was booked into the Shelby County Detention Center. He is facing charges for suspicion of disorderly conduct.

He has a current unrelated criminal case open for several prior alleged offenses, remains incarcerated at the time of this entry.

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