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Armed Suspect in Trump Mask Damaged Vehicle in OC

A man wearing a mask of the U.S. President was apprehended as he reportedly destroyed a parked car in Cabot-Vista Viejo in the early morning hours.

When deputies were patrolling the businesses in the Mission Viejo area, they reported that they saw a person wearing a Donald Trump mask who appeared as if they were vandalizing a vehicle.

The deputies reported that the mask-wearer, instead of providing themselves anonymity, had easily caught their attention with their odd costume choice and caused them to make their way to the area to review the situation.

As they approached the counterfeit commander-in-chief, it was reported that the person was smashing the glass windshield and had slashed the tires of a parked automobile.

The suspect, identified as 56-year-old Rory Zimmerman, was also allegedly holding a loaded handgun, and an airsoft gun on his person.

In addition to wearing the Trump mask, Zimmerman was also reportedly donning body armor and a helmet.

His car, which was also allegedly in disguise, was reported as having phony license plates, and emergency vehicle lights were allegedly affixed to the windshield.

Zimmerman, who was later discovered to be a possible employee in the area of the alleged incident, was taken into custody for suspicion of vandalism.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department released a statement alerting the public of the activity and assured that the arrest was made without incident. During the course of the day, they were reportedly notified of two more vehicles with deflated tires.

Zimmerman was jailed and he is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail for the initial event.

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