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Woman Wanted for Theft of $800 in Vodka and TP

The authorities are searching for a woman they believe matches the identity of a suspect reported for stealing nearly two dozen bottles of vodka, and several cases of toilet tissue.

A Baton Rouge area Walmart was the target of theft totaling nearly $800 on May 12.

A woman wheeling a cart filled with 21 bottles of Tito’s vodka, topped with four cases of toilet paper, walked past the checkout area and out the door without paying for the items.

When employees saw her leaving the store, two of them attempted to intervene and thwart her efforts to pilfer the paper products and liquor.

The woman was able to bypass the workers and after loading the loot into a sedan in the parking lot the suspect drove off with the spoils.

A surveillance camera inside of the Walmart caught footage of a female with a grocery cart full of the items that were taken, and it showed a timestamp from the period in which the theft happened.

After viewing the video, the authorities confirmed the identity of the person they have deemed responsible as Baton Rouge resident Jana Snowden.

31-year-old Snowden is reported as having three children, and the Gonzales Police Department have not yet been able to locate her in order to apprehend her for the allegations.

When she is found by the police, who have asked the public’s help in seeking out Snowden, they plan to arrest her and charge her with misdemeanor theft for the accusation.

Snowden could spend half a year in jail if she is convicted and the judge hands down the maximum sentence as a penalty.

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