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Stepson Beat With Belt For Missing Curfew

A woman is facing legal repercussions after she allegedly hit her adult stepson with a belt many times because he came home in the evening past the agreed-upon time.

Valerie Branch-Galloway lives in Largo with her husband and his 26-year-old son.

Branch-Galloway’s stepson, with whom she has been acquainted for half of his life, moved in with the couple approximately 3 months ago.

The family reportedly agreed on a 12:00 am curfew for the man as one of the stipulations of his residing with the couple.

On Monday, Branch-Galloway’s stepson reportedly missed his appointed time to come home by half an hour. When he arrived, Branch-Galloway was allegedly waiting for him inside.

As a way to punish him for his tardiness, Branch-Galloway allegedly hit the man with a belt across his buttocks a total of 30 times.

An officer went to the residence due to the alleged beating, and statements were collected from Branch-Galloway and her stepson.

The alleged victim stated that Branch-Galloway had given him the option of allowing her to hit him with the belt a total of 30 times to prevent her from informing his dad about his being late. He said that he agreed to the leather belt, but that he ordered her to cease hitting him after 11 swats. It was further reported that Branch-Galloway allegedly ignored her stepson’s order and continued until she reached the full 30 strikes.

When Branch-Galloway spoke with the officer, it was recorded that she said she did strike her stepson on the buttocks for being late, but that he had never asked her to stop while she was doing so.

The officer noticed the alleged victim had bruising on and near his buttocks, and he placed Branch-Galloway under arrest for misdemeanor domestic battery.

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