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Arrestee Got Handsy With Tech During Booking

During the process of booking a man, a technician taking his fingerprints alleged that he touched her buttocks in a sexual manner resulting in additional charges for the suspect.

On April 17, 44-year-old Jack Dylan Evan was reportedly the patron of a bar called Down the Hatch.

The owner of the establishment claimed that while Evan was there he propositioned her for sex. She said that she rejected him and asked him to leave, but he allegedly was not willing to give up so easily. The owner reported that Evan began to make a scene by raising the volume of his voice to a disturbing level and expressing comments that were received as being sexual in nature.

When the local authorities responded to the notification of the alleged incident they indicated that after they walked in Evan was still behaving in the manner the owner had described.

Evan was booked into the county jail on suspicion of misdemeanor disturbing the public.

During his processing, when he was having his fingerprints taken, the woman charged with the job of collecting them alleged that Evan reached his hand out and touched her on the behind. The incident report reflects that he then purportedly “rubbed the area.”

Based on the allegations made by the technician Evan was issued an additional charge consisting of battery on a jail employee. The total amount of his bail based on the two reported incidents was set at $5250.

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