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Assault Suspect Attempted to Bible-Thump Boyfriend’s Head

A woman has been accused of trying to hit her boyfriend by throwing a Bible at his head during a dispute.

51-year-old Terry Slaughter and her boyfriend share a residence together in St. Petersburg, Florida for more than a year.

Around noon on January 19, Slaughter and her beau reportedly began to engage in a quarrel. During the spat Slaughter allegedly hurled a Bible in the direction of the man’s head and it was asserted that she intended to strike him with the sacred tome. The allegedly irate woman has also been accused of smashing her boyfriend’s cell phone during the altercation.

The alleged victim called 911 to notify the authorities and reported Slaughter for her alleged acts against him, and Slaughter reportedly left the home before the police arrived.

Officers spoke with the alleged victim and he told them that he was forced to dodge out of the way in order to avoid being struck by the religious book.

After Slaughter returned and interacted with the police she reportedly explained that she did not do any of the things her boyfriend claimed and that she holds the belief that the man was fabricating the events in an effort to get her in trouble with the law.

Despite her reported denial, the police believed there was enough probable cause to place Slaughter under arrest and book her into the Pinellas County Jail for suspicion of assault, and criminal mischief. She was later released on her own recognizance and legally ordered to have no contact with her boyfriend.

Slaughter allegedly disregarded the conditions and went back to the home to express her displeasure over the incident face-to-face.

When the authorities arrived they noted that Slaughter’s boyfriend appeared to have fresh scratch marks on his neck and they held her accountable for the injuries.

Slaughter was placed into the county jail a second time and she is expected to face charges for domestic battery. She has been incarcerated on a $5000 bond.

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