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Husband Tased by Wife When Caught Cheating in Club

When a wife caught her husband out on a date with another woman she allegedly responded by assaulting him with a taser for his infidelity.

Around 2:00 am on January 19, 24-year-old Irlanda Parra headed to Jefe’s Mexican Restaurant after learning that her husband was in the establishment.

When Parra arrived at the Wichita Falls restaurant that serves as a weekend nightclub she reportedly spotted her husband with a woman that news reports have identified as his girlfriend and/or mistress.

Parra reportedly reacted by using her car to block his so that her husband would not be able to leave, and she allegedly whipped out a stun gun. Parra allegedly used the taser against her husband for his indiscretions and shocked his hand in the process, in addition to reportedly threatening others in the parking lot with the device.

The authorities were notified, and when officers arrived Parra first reportedly told them that her husband called her for a ride home and when she arrived the friends of the woman he was with tried to attack her. Parra reportedly said she grabbed the taser in defense. Later, Para allegedly said her reason for being there was actually inspired by a notification she received from one of her friends giving her a head’s up about her husband being in the club with the other woman.

When the police talked to the alleged victim, he showed them a mark on his hand that they believed was caused by Parra with the taser.

The officers searched the lot and found a taser in the area where Parra’s car was parked. They assumed it was the object used in the reported assault, and Parra was taken into custody.

Parra has been accused of family violence assault causing bodily injury due to the incident.

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