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Attempted Kidnapping at Harry Potter Area in Universal Studios

A man at the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando has been accused of trying to kidnap a little girl while she was separated from her mother for a short period of time.

A mom and her 9-year-old daughter were recently visiting Universal Studios in Florida when they got disconnected from each other for what was reported as only minutes.

The parent and child were at the part of the park dedicated to Harry Potter when they became disjoined, and the little girl made her way into the locker room where people store their belongings when visiting attractions and going on rides.

As stated by the mother, a few minutes later the girl returned to her in a frazzled state and said that “someone tried to grab her.”

After learning of the alleged event employees detained the man they believed was responsible until the police arrived.

While they investigated the situation a woman told the police that she was nearby when the alleged event took place. She shared with the officers that she saw a man wearing a white hat placing his hands on the child’s shoulders, and she believed that she heard him trying to coerce the girl to go with him.

Police identified the suspect as 23-year-old Jason Mikel and while taking him into custody he was allegedly found in possession of a substance that was believed to be marijuana.

Universal Studios has prohibited Mikel from entering any of their locations due to the allegations.

Mikel was booked into the county jail and he is being charged with battery, attempted kidnapping of a child under 13, and misdemeanor marijuana possession.

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