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Babysitter Charged After Child Found Outside Naked and Alone

A 60-year-old woman has been accused of child endangerment after the 4-year-old she was in charge was reportedly discovered naked outside of his apartment building while his caretaker was allegedly passed out drunk.

A New Philadelphia, Pennsylvania mother, and her 4-year-old son have been neighbors with a 60-year-old woman for the past year.

On January 13, the mother reportedly asked her neighbor to babysit her child while she would be away from home, and the woman accepted the request.

While the woman was babysitting the young child she was allegedly drinking the malt beverage Four Loko and had fallen asleep, but the boy was still awake.

Just after 1:00 am, a neighbor reportedly spotted the 4-year-old outside by himself. The neighbor described the condition of the youngster as sobbing in the nude with full exposure to the 31-degree temperature.

When the authorities got involved and collected details about the incident they surmised that the sitter had become drunk from the Four Loko and passed out, leaving her unable to provide proper care for the child.

Residents of the small, close-knit community have expressed surprise that an incident of this nature would take place in their town, and several of them reported that they believe the area is usually safe from criminal activity and child and/or animal abuse.

As a result of the incident, the babysitter was taken into custody, and she is expected to face child endangerment charges in district court for the allegations.

The child involved was reported as being in good health, and he was not harmed in any way during the alleged incident.

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