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Yoga Instructor Attacked Man for Using Cell Phone During Movie

After trying to watch a movie while another patron was reportedly using their cell phone, an irritated Iowa yoga instructor allegedly lost his Zen and assaulted the offender that interfered with his experience.

34-year-old Nicholas Glasgow is a yoga instructor who reportedly spends many of his Tuesday evenings at the Marcus Sycamore Cinema in Iowa City.

Last September, Glasgow went to a showing of the film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” at his regular haunt, and when he took a seat in the auditorium he reportedly noticed a man who appeared to be more interested in the content on his cell phone than what was to be displayed on the screen.

Glasgow reported the man’s behavior to the theater employees and asked them to have a talk with him about using the bright, electronic device during the movie, and allegedly threatened to deal with it on his own if no one handled the problem.

The man using the cell phone reportedly continued to do so throughout the entirety of the movie, and Glasgow waited until the conclusion before he allegedly confronted the reportedly rude patron.

When Glasgow went up to the man, who was still seated, he reportedly informed him the bright phone screen destroyed his viewing pleasure and he asked the man to apologize for the inconvenience.

Without waiting for a response, Glasgow allegedly began to repeatedly punch the man in the face until a physical altercation between the two men broke out.

While they were fighting, the alleged victim fell to the ground and Glasgow reportedly began to kick him while he was lying there, causing the man’s glasses to break, and injuries to his face.

The authorities obtained a warrant for Glasgow’s arrest on January 10 and he was taken into custody for the allegations against him.

Glasgow was booked into the Johnson County Jail for suspicion of assault, and criminal mischief.

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