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Couple Victimized by Pantsless Prowler With Detached Ankle Monitor

A man who was supposed to be wearing an ankle monitor, in addition to pants, was arrested when he allegedly took off the device and tried to get into the home of a couple by using their doggy door.

An 83-year-old man and his wife have shared their Fairfield, California home for over two decades.

On January 8, the homeowner went into his garage while his wife was inside the house. While looking out the window the woman reportedly saw a man in the yard, and he allegedly pulled down his pants and showed her his behind.

The woman dialed the authorities to report the situation and the man allegedly tried to enter the home through the sliding glass door. When he was unable he reportedly made an attempt to use the pet door as a mode of entry.

Fairfield police officers arrived at the scene within minutes and the suspect reportedly fled on foot.

After he was chased down and identified as 48-year-old Leroy Vance.

Upon searching his name, the authorities found that Vance was wanted for violating the terms of his parole for drug sales, he is required to register as a sexual assault offender, and he was supposed to wear an ankle monitor at all times.

Vance was taken to the Solano County Jail for suspicion of felony possession of methamphetamine, and misdemeanor criminal trespass and resisting arrest. According to the court documents, Vance is recorded as having current charges filed against him for parole violation and he has been incarcerated without bail.

The alleged victims involved in the prowling incident have offered to testify against Vance if he is prosecuted for the crimes purportedly committed by him at their residence.

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