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Bar Patron Assaulted with Lit Cigar and Glass Bottle

A man from Loxahatchee, Florida was hanging out in a bar and allegedly had issues with the person sitting next to them. They reportedly attacked the man using a lit cigar and a glass bottle.

Early in the morning on April 22, an assault took place at The Cuban bar in East Garden City.

According to reports, two men were seated next to each other at the bar.

For reasons that have not been disclosed at this time, one of the men reportedly began nudging the other one with his arm.

The situation reportedly began to heat up, when the suspected instigator allegedly held the lit end of a cigar to the man’s face. The alleged victim instinctively struck the suspect in a purported attempt to protect himself.

When the employees noticed the heated interaction, they took the alleged victim outside, but his wife was still inside the establishment.

The man reentered to locate her, and when the alleged assailant noticed him, he reportedly grabbed a bottle and hit him in the face with it. It was reported that he hit the man again, this time using a cup.

The authorities were notified, and when they got to the location, they saw the Volkswagen they believed the alleged suspect was driving as it was pulled out of the parking lot.

The police followed the vehicle and pulled the man over a short distance from The Cuban.

A Nassau County Police Department Ambulance took the alleged victim to the hospital for medical treatment.

It was reported that the suspect was cooperative with the officers during his arrest.

The man is facing two counts of second-degree assault, and two counts of fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

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