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School Bus Driver Slammed on Brakes to Make Kids Behave

A substitute bus driver for the Douglas County School District allegedly tried to control the children on his vessel by slamming on the brakes, leaving some of them severely traumatized.

On March 1, a 61-year-old school bus driver from Castle Rock was substituting for the regular driver on a bus from Castle Rock Elementary. The riders ranged in age from kindergarten to 6th grade.

It was reported that the man felt like the children were acting up. He was reportedly having difficulty getting them to quiet down, behave, and stay in their seats.

A surveillance video inside the bus reportedly recorded the driver telling the children how dangerous it is to get out of their seats on a moving bus. The children still refrain from sitting back down.

According to reports, the bus was moving at approximately 9 miles per hour, and the driver allegedly slammed on the brakes in a purported attempt to demonstrate the dangers. He ordered the kids to sit down properly, and he continued driving the route.

As the children were dropped off, at least one of the parents was upset and confronted the driver about what had happened. He reportedly said he was about to stop the bus and he hit the brakes hard to teach them a lesson.

The school district learned about the accusations, and the driver was fired.

The video from the bus was reviewed, and it was determined that his actions might have been illegal.

On April 12, it was announced that the driver is facing 29 charges of child abuse with no injury, and one count of child abuse with bodily injuries, all misdemeanors.

He has a court date scheduled in the middle of April. If he is convicted of the charges, he could spend up to a year in prison.

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