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Barefoot Intruder Stole Socks during Burglary

A man in Illinois allegedly walked into a stranger’s residence while the inhabitants were asleep, and he reportedly stole a pair of socks before running out the door.

Early in the morning on April 1, a family was asleep in their Ankeny apartment when a stranger allegedly came inside using the front door.

A female resident was asleep on the couch with the television on in the background, and the others, including the children, were sleeping in their own rooms.

According to reports, the woman on the couch believed one of the people who lives in the apartment accidentally left the door unlocked when they came home.

A man who was not wearing shoes and reportedly not acquainted with any of the residents allegedly walked into the dwelling without permission.

The alleged intruder was caught on home surveillance video as he reportedly wandered through the apartment for approximately half an hour. While he was there, he stared at the slumbering woman on the couch several times. He also showed a lot of interest in some of the footwear in the apartment, and he placed them near the couch in an orderly fashion.

The man accidentally bumped into the woman on the couch causing her to wake up. She asked him to identify himself, and he reportedly told her he brought her home the previous evening.

The woman became frightened and yelled for her son, and the man ran out of the apartment. He reportedly took a pair of socks with him when he departed.

The authorities were notified, and the story was run on the local news.

The suspect saw the report, and he turned himself in.

The man has been preliminarily charged with burglary and two counts of trespassing.

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