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Musician’s Performance Plan Hit Sour Note After Outburst

A Florida musician trying to get through a road barrier so he could set up his equipment at the venue where he was playing was accused of assaulting a man when he was denied entry.

Over Easter weekend, a 66-year-old man from the Village of Fenney was scheduled to play percussion with a band in a downtown establishment.

The street was blocked off with barriers for an arts and crafts show that was taking place in the same area.

The musician decided he wanted to drive his musical equipment to the establishment in advance of the show, and he was forced to stop because of the barricade. He wanted to be granted access, but the Villages Special Events team members told him he would not be allowed to pass because of the event in progress.

According to reports, the man was angry with the denial of his request, and he allegedly started to yell at the staff. One of the employees was standing near the man during the incident, and the man reportedly grabbed him by the shirt.

The musician’s spouse was shopping in the area, and she reported that she heard a dispute going on. She reportedly said that she turned to see what was going on and saw her husband and another man screaming at each other. She said they were both pushing each other around.

The man was taken into custody by the Wildwood Police Department, and he is expected to be charged with one count of battery. He was released from custody after posting a $500 bond.

It was reported that a public defender will represent the man in court.

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