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Blow up over Dipping Sauce Led to Threat of Explosion

A man from the Des Moines area allegedly became angry and threatened to blow up a fast food restaurant when he noticed his order of chicken nuggets was lacking dipping sauce.

42-year-old Robert Golwitzer lives in Ankeny, Iowa, in the Des Moines suburbs.

Around 5:00 pm on June 26, Golwitzer reportedly drove to a nearby McDonald’s for food. The man decided he would order chicken nuggets.

A short time after he received his food, Golwitzer looked into the bag and learned that the restaurant failed to provide any dipping sauces to accompany his fried boneless treats.

The inconvenience of the oversight purportedly caused Golwitzer to become angry.

In an alleged attempt to vent his frustrations, Golwitzer called the McDonald’s.

When he was speaking with a worker, Golwitzer reportedly told them that he planned to “blow up” the restaurant. He was additionally noted as threatening to physically assault one of the employees.

The authorities were notified about the incident, and they found out the phone number from which the call was allegedly placed.

Using the collected digits, the police reported that they traced it to someone believed to be Golwitzer.

The authorities met with and discussed the allegations with Golwitzer, and the man reportedly told them what happened with the chicken nugget dipping sauce. He allegedly copped to calling the McDonald’s and added that he did issue threats to the employee he was speaking to.

Golwitzer was taken into custody and booked into the Polk County Jail. He is expected to face charges for felony making a false report about an explosive or incendiary device, and he was held on bond and released the next day.

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