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Blowing Wind Planted Crack in Suspects Car

A Florida man explained that the drugs reportedly found inside his automobile by the authorities ended up there in a random happenstance fueled by the forces of nature.

At the end of October, two officers with the Fort Pierce Police Department reportedly encountered a sedan that ran through a stop sign in a neighborhood that was described as “a known area for drug sells [SIC] and prostitution.”

The police turned on their flashing lights to perform a traffic stop, and they reported that they saw the driver making shifty motions. It appeared to the officers as if he tried to throw something out of the car window before he pulled over.

After they made contact with the driver, 37-year-old Joseph Zak, one of the officers reportedly watched as the man allegedly tried to hide a beer can that was open. Zak also allegedly appeared as if his motor skills were altered from intoxication.

The officers put Zak in handcuffs and reportedly asked him if they could perform a search of the automobile.

After he allegedly consented, a “glass round cylinder” and a plastic bag with white powder flecks were reportedly found. The remnants inside the bag were field-tested and allegedly showed positive results for crack cocaine. It was purported that the scorched, glass cylinder had been used for smoking drugs.

The police discussed their findings with Zak, and the man allegedly said that the drug baggie wasn’t his, but that it may have landed in his car with the help of the wind, or it may have been planted by the cops.

Zak was taken into custody and booked into the county jail on drug charges.

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