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Little League Umpire Assaulted Over Call Dispute

The uncle of a little league ballplayer was accused of assaulting the umpire of his nephew’s game when he disagreed with a call made by the official.

On November 15, a little league game was played at the Highland City Ball Park in Lakeland, Florida.

The umpire officiating the game made a call that reportedly caused the uncle of one of the players to get angry, and the man allegedly decided to confront the umpire after the game concluded.

While the umpire was in the clubhouse, 22-year-old Alberto Escartin Ramos allegedly entered and began yelling at him regarding the offending call made during the game. Ramos reportedly ignored requests that he exit the premises and instead punched the umpire in the face, causing injuries to the man’s lip and one of his teeth.

People who were still at the park reportedly witnessed the altercation and tried to get Ramos to leave the area, and a woman notified the authorities when he did not comply. The caller was also quoted as saying, “They just started swinging,” indicating that both Ramos and the umpire had been involved in the physical altercation, but no injuries were reportedly found on Ramos.

Deputies from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the park and reported that the alleged victim had what appeared to be a rather severe nosebleed and a chipped tooth. The county fire rescue tended to his wounds when they arrived at the park.

Ramos was taken into custody and booked into the Polk County Jail for felony battery for his allegedly unsportsmanlike behavior toward the umpire, and he was released on a $1,000 bail.

It was reported by the sheriff that Ramos was also prohibited from returning to the park.

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