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Mom Shot Teen Son During Neighborhood Fight

When a woman emerged from her home with a firearm after hearing neighbors outside engaged in a fight, the weapon accidentally discharged a bullet that struck and severely injured her 13-year-old son.

On November 19, a resident reportedly spotted an unwelcome person standing outside of his apartment complex and decided to approach the man.

The two men allegedly got into a scuffle involving physical force and made enough noise to call attention to themselves causing alarm to a nearby woman whose teenage son was outside.

The woman, identified as 41-year-old Tonya Monroe, allegedly retrieved a gun that she had in her residence and rushed outside with the weapon in her hand in an effort to halt the fight.

While she had the gun in her grasp it allegedly fired, and the bullet ended up hitting her child.

The Phoenix Police arrived at the scene and interrogated Monroe and the two men involved in the fight, and the teenage boy was taken to the hospital with what was described and reported as “severe injuries.”

It was additionally reported that during the investigation the authorities checked the residences of Monroe and her neighbor who was involved in the altercation.  After allegedly recovering illegal items from each location, both Monroe and her neighbor were placed under arrest.

After she was taken into custody, Monroe was incarcerated in the 4th Avenue Jail for suspicion of aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, and prohibited possessor charges.

The man allegedly involved in the fight with the passerby was placed under arrest and charged for suspected sales of marijuana, and being a prohibited possessor.

Monroe’s child was reported as healing from his injuries and in stable condition.

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