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Bold Bank Worker Posed While Flashing Stolen Cash

A North Carolina Wells Fargo employee has been accused of stealing $90,000 from the financial institution after he was found posting images of himself on social media with large stacks of cash.

At the end of last April, 29-year-old Arlando Henderson accepted a job offer to work inside the cash vault at a Charlotte, North Carolina, branch of Wells Fargo bank.

A couple of months after Henderson started his new position, the man allegedly started swiping money that came from deposits made by customers of the bank.

It is purported that in at least eighteen different instances Henderson allegedly stole money starting with smaller amounts, and escalating to bolder figures, which on some dates reportedly reached over $10,000. The total amount that he has been accused of taking was approximated at $88,000.

The authorities have accused Henderson of performing the pilfering during an approximate one-month period between mid-June and mid-July, and they believe he was able to use faux deposit slips, in addition to destroying documents in an attempt to hide his alleged thefts.

On social media accounts assumed to belong to Henderson, and under the user name “AceeyFoez,” which is also reportedly who the man is known as in his rap career, it was discovered that he was posing in pictures while holding what appears to look like very large amounts of money.

Records of a Mercedez-Benz purchase and a loan allegedly obtained from Ally Financial in Henderson’s name were found after the man allegedly put down $20,000 on the luxury car, and then reportedly posted images online of himself with the vehicle.

The FBI became aware of an online image showing Henderson with the Mercedez in San Diego, California, and they located him on December 4.

Henderson was placed under arrest, and he is facing charges for suspicion of financial institution fraud, 19 counts of theft, embezzlement, misapplication, and twelve counts of making false entries. He is being held in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in San Diego.

Henderson will be transported back to Charlotte for his arraignment hearing. If he is convicted for all of the charges, Henderson could spend the next 40-years in prison and owe over $1 million in fines.

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