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Daughter Shot When Man Took 4 Children Shooting

Dustin Adkins, 34, is a father who was convicted for an incident involving a gun he was showing someone that went off by accident. The bullet penetrated a wall, striking and killing a 13-year-old girl.

As a part of Adkins’ probation, the man has been prohibited from gun ownership.

On December 7, Adkins and 4 children, including his daughter, went into the forest with two rifles and two handguns and headed to a place people regularly use to shoot at targets.

When Adkins reportedly walked away for a moment to check a hog trap, one of the children discharged one of the weapons causing his 9-year-old daughter to get shot.

Adkins was reported as rushing his daughter to the hospital on his own and without calling for emergency assistance, and the authorities have purported that his action was unusual enough to raise their suspicions about his motive behind doing so. They additionally feel confused about why someone with Adkins’ criminal history involving guns would make the decision to bring the kids on that type of outing.

Adkins was jailed, and he is being held without bond for suspicion of aggravated child neglect with great bodily harm, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

When they searched the area where the young girl was shot, the authorities reportedly found the weapons they believe Adkins brought to the spot in the company of the children after discovering four firearms stashed under a tire.

None of the other children were reported as having been injured during the incident. Adkins’ daughter was reported as being in critical but stable condition at this time, and she is awaiting the medical procedures needed for her recovery.

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