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Bombed Driver Threatened to Blow up Police Station

After an allegedly drunk driver crashed her car and was taken into custody, she reportedly warned that she had a bomb and threatened to detonate it.

Destiny M. Bryner lives in Wyano, Pennsylvania, approximately 25 miles outside of Pittsburgh.

On the evening of April 18, firefighters were at the Turkeytown Fire Department when they saw a speeding vehicle wreck and roll over more than once.

The firefighters went to the scene, and when they arrived, they saw 33-year-old Bryner inside the car.

It was reported that upon initial assessment, Bryner did not suffer from severe injuries.

State troopers arrived at the scene, and they talked to Bryner about what had transpired.

Bryner allegedly struggled to stay upright while trying to stand. When they stood near the woman, the troopers asserted that they detected a strong stench indicating she had been drinking.

She was informed that she was being taken into custody for suspicion of DUI, and the police placed Bryner in handcuffs.

According to reports, Bryner was collapsing to the ground when they tried to put her in the police vehicle, and the troopers purported she was doing it on purpose.

When traveling to the station, Bryner allegedly verbally abused the troopers.

After their arrival, Bryner allegedly said she had an explosive device and planned to blow up everyone in the vicinity.

When it was determined that she did not have a bomb, Bryner, who would not consent to the testing of her BAC, allegedly spat on police standing near her.

Bryner is expected to face charges for DUI, assault on a law enforcement officer, careless driving, driving at an unsafe speed, resisting arrest, terroristic threats, and risking a catastrophe.

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