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Menacing Man Arrested with Dope on Face

A man accused of making murderous threats towards a family member was arrested with powder purported to be cocaine on his nose.

30-year-old Jamichael Walton lives in North Carolina. His brother has a child with a woman to whom he is not married.

On April 13. Walton reportedly contacted the woman in what she implied was a threatening and frightening interaction. Walton allegedly told her he planned to come to her house and reportedly warned that he would kill her. He allegedly added if he did not perform the violent act, his cousin would follow through.

It was reported that the Lenoir Police Department received notification about an incident involving property damage, and law enforcement was sent to the address.

When arriving at the scene, a person identified as Walton was reportedly detained after trying to run away.

It was reported that Walton struggled by kicking his feet and trying to prevent the officer from getting a firm hold on him.

After a short time, Walton succumbed to the officer, and he was taken into custody.

On the way to the station in the police vehicle, Walton allegedly threatened the officers accompanying him. He reportedly told them that when he was released he planned to gun them down. Walton allegedly added he intended to riddle the vehicle with bullets.

Walton, who can be seen in his booking photo with a white spot of what appeared to be a powdery substance under his nose, was incarcerated on several charges, including felony possession of cocaine, misdemeanor resisting a public officer, and two counts of misdemeanor communicating threats.

Walton was incarcerated in the Caldwell County Detention Center on a $12,500 bond.

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