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Boyfriend Received Racy Birthday Gift Accompanied by Arrest

Jupiter, Florida resident Bryan Delgado-Villatoro celebrated his 24th birthday on February 6.

The man and his live-in girlfriend of approximately 1-year, 23-year-old Heder Priscilla Cascante-Vargas, reportedly went out in a Toyota and were cruising down a highway close to the Port St. Lucie area. Cascant-Vargas was the alleged driver for the celebratory outing that evening.

While operating the vehicle, Cascante-Vargas allegedly chose to give her boyfriend oral sexual gratification as part of his present. She reportedly wanted to provide added visual stimulation for his experience by making herself naked from the waist up.

Around 10:00 pm, the authorities were notified by another driver that reported a vehicle with the appearance of the one Delgado-Villatoro and Cascant-Vargas were inside of had been in an accident after veering around another car in a purported attempt to pass it. The concerned citizen additionally added that they thought the man at the scene was physically harming the woman, who was reported as laying on the ground without a shirt on.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office deputies dispatched to the reported location of the accident and allegedly found Delgado-Villatoro standing near the ajar door of the car and asking his girlfriend to calm down as she smacked him in the face and chest.

The deputies reported that they tried to get Delgado-Villatoro to walk away from the car, but the man allegedly resisted several times until he was forced into handcuffs after being held on the ground by the law enforcement officers.

At the same time, Cascant-Vargas was allegedly yelling at the deputies and telling them that her boyfriend had not done anything wrong and that it was she who was driving. She was also reported as disclosing the details of the sexual-in-nature present she allegedly gave her boyfriend and asserted that she hit Delgado-Villatoro.

Cascant-Vargas was also detained, and the couple was taken to the county jail.

Delgado-Villatoro is facing charges for suspicion of resisting arrest without violence, and Cascant-Vargas was charged for the alleged battery.

The couple posted bond and was released from custody.

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