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Hospital Patient Lit Bed on Fire to Hail Nurse’s Attention

A Florida man who reportedly felt like he wasn’t getting the looking after that he desired from a nurse at the hospital in which he was a patient allegedly lit his bed on fire in the room he shared with another patient.

AdventHealth Hospital, previously called Florida Hospital New Smyrna, placed a call to the authorities when an alleged incident transpired in a room housing two of their patients.

The staff reportedly saw a call button light up as they overheard a man calling out loudly in a state of panic claiming that a fire was burning inside his room.

When a nurse entered to investigate, one of the men in the room reported that the other man had set his bed on fire causing the air in the space to fill with smoke and hindrance to his breathing. The caretaker hurriedly called the authorities to ask for assistance.

A second nurse who had preventatively grabbed a fire extinguisher and used the device to smother out the burning mattress.

The alleged firebug, identified as John King, reportedly handed over a Bic lighter that was purported to have been used to start the fire.

When he reportedly revealed his reason for setting the bed ablaze, King allegedly said that he asked for a nurse to bring his clothing to him but he did not feel that his appeal was being attended to. He was additionally reported as saying that he was not trying to cause injury to himself or anyone else when the incident took place.

King was placed under arrest for suspicion of felony arson, and the medical facility reported an approximated $4,000 in damages.

No one was reported as being hurt during the event.

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