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Burglary Suspect Left Feces in Frat House Bedroom

When a fraternity house was burglarized on Sunday, the woman that is suspected of entering the home and taking valuables from a bedroom has also been accused of leaving feces at the scene.

Members of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity at Oklahoma City University were hanging out in their yard when they reportedly noticed an unfamiliar woman walking by.

Around 30 minutes later, one of the occupants went inside the house and allegedly encountered a woman in his bedroom who had her pants pulled down and was in the middle of defecating.

She had reportedly taken money from his wallet and the keys he had left in his room. Upon seeing the occupant while she was allegedly in the middle of voiding her bowels, the woman began to scream before quickly closing the door in his face.

The police were notified, and the suspect allegedly exited by going out of the window while the door to the bedroom was still closed, but an identification card was left behind on the floor. In addition to the ID, the police reported that they discovered “plastic bag that smelled of fecal matter.”

The name on the ID card was that of 25-year-old Melissa Lenz, and the police picked her up not long after the incident was reported.

The items were given back to their owner, and Lenz, who allegedly told the officers that she went inside the house because she needed to use the restroom, was arrested for suspicion of burglary.

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