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Boyfriend Had Face Sliced for Denying Sex Request

When a man who shares an apartment with his girlfriend denied her after she asked him to have sex she allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife and wounded his face during the argument that ensued.

Katherine Nieves-Tavarez and her boyfriend live together in an apartment in Vero Beach, and on Thursday, just before 3:30 am, they got into an altercation when Nieves-Tavarez allegedly asked the man to engage in sexual relations and he said no.

The argument reportedly escalated when Nieves-Tavarez continued to ask her boyfriend for sex and he repeatedly denied her offer. The authorities were notified and dispatched to inspect the cause of the reported disturbance.

According to the arrest report, Nieves-Tavarez answered the door when the officers knocked and her boyfriend had blood on his face and clothes.

When the alleged victim gave his initial statement about what transpired he said that he was sitting on the sofa when his girlfriend, who had been consuming alcohol, continually asked him to have sex with her. He stated that after he declined several times it started an argument, and he left the apartment and went outside to the patio so that he could try to put some distance between them. He reported that Nieves-Tavarez grabbed a knife from the kitchen and came outside where she allegedly hit him in the face with the weapon a number of times.

Nieves-Tavarez contrasted her boyfriend’s claims while speaking with an officer when she allegedly stated that her boyfriend had come home from a night out with his friends and his face was already injured. She additionally said that he was the one who wielded the knife toward her, and not the other way around.

Though the pair gave conflicting statements, it was determined that there was enough probable cause to hold Nieves-Tavarez responsible for the incident and she was arrested. Her boyfriend was taken for treatment of his wounds.

After her arrest, 27-year-old Nieves-Tavarez was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and she is being held in lieu of $15,000 bail as she awaits her arraignment, which has been scheduled to take place on Halloween.

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