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Career Criminal Sentenced for Violently Robbing Aunt

A felon from Michigan who filled in the employment section of his court documents with the word “criminal” will serve a prison sentence for robbing his elderly aunt.

47-year-old Monroe Nugent Jr. lives in Saginaw. He has been convicted for nine felonies and has served six prison terms.

In November 2019, Nugent went to his aunt’s residence, which is also in Saginaw.

According to prosecutors, when he arrived at her home, Nugent had a knife with him and used it to force the 72-year-old woman to comply as he tied her up. Nugent took the money that his aunt had, and he stole her car as he departed from the residence.

An officer saw the victim’s automobile parked at a residence near her home, and Nugent, who is on parole for his priors, was detained and charged for the incident.

When official charges for robbery, unlawful imprisonment, and unlawfully driving a motor vehicle were filed against Nugent, he pleaded no-contest to the allegations.

By entering a plea of no-contest, Nugent was not admitting that he committed the crimes for which he was accused, but the penalties are often the same as an admission of guilt.

Nugent was asked to fill out paperwork before his sentencing hearing, and in the space meant for recording occupation he wrote “criminal.”

On January 5, after the prosecutor asserted that Nugent, a fourth-time offender, was “incapable of rehabilitation,” a judge sentenced him to three prison terms. He must also pay court fees and $600 restitution to his aunt.

He was ordered to serve concurrent terms of 30 to 50 years, 10 to 15 years, and 2 to 5 years.

Since this is his fourth offense, the judge was required to give Nugent a 25-year minimum sentence.

The period that Nugent spent in jail before his sentencing was not counted toward his time since he was on parole when accused of the crimes.

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