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Child Abducted from Park and Thrown into Ohio River

A woman in West Virginia jumped into the Ohio River to try to escape the police after she allegedly snatched a young boy from a park and threw him in the water.

On August 27, a man and his young children were spending time together at Harris Riverfront Park in Huntington. The park runs alongside the Ohio River.

The father reported that a stranger approached while he and his children were seated at a picnic table. The unknown woman reportedly sat down without an invitation.

The woman was reportedly behaving in a way that gave the dad the impression that she had used an intoxicant.

When he attempted to vacate the recreational site, the man said the stranger told his children to go to the waterfront and climb into a boat.

The youngsters started to head towards the river.

The father reported that he was able to get his little girl, but the woman grabbed his 5-year-old son and threw him into the water.

Someone standing close to the area saw the child in the water, and she jumped in to retrieve him.

The authorities arrived at the park, and it was reported that the boy did not suffer from any physical harm.

Before the police were able to interact with the suspect, later identified as 41-year-old Kimberly Dawn Maxwell, she jumped into the river.

The woman reportedly believed she was in international waters, and she was reported as stating, “Police cannot do anything to me.”

A fire department rescue boat was used to retrieve Maxwell from the water.

Before she was taken to the Western Regional Jail for booking, Maxwell was given a medical evaluation at the hospital.

Maxwell is facing charges for suspicion of kidnapping and malicious assault. She is currently being held without bond.

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