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Columbus Restaurant Owner put Cameras in Bathrooms

The co-owner of a restaurant in Columbus is facing 23 felony charges after he was accused of placing concealed cameras pointed at the toilets in the bathroom of the establishment.
The Animal Farm, a well-loved restaurant in downtown Columbus, is owned by two people.
It was reported that one of the owners caught a glimpse of something suspicious on the other owner’s laptop screen. When they investigated, they allegedly saw a URL that made them believe something illegal was happening.
On October 1, the co-owner notified the authorities, and officers with the Columbus Police Department went to the restaurant to inspect the bathrooms.
They allegedly found a total of 4 digital cameras in the two unisex restrooms. They saw that the equipment was aimed in the direction of the toilets. One of the cameras reportedly contained an SD card.
On September 27, the suspect was taken into custody.
He was booked into the Muscogee County Jail on 11 counts of unlawful eavesdropping or surveillance, 6 counts of sexual exploitation of children, and 6 counts of knowingly using/installing a device to observe/record underneath or through an individual’s clothing, all felonies. Since the investigation is still ongoing, the authorities reported that they expect to add additional charges. The material on the SD card has not yet been reviewed.
The man’s bond was set at $30,000 for the 6 counts of knowingly using/installing a device to observe, record underneath, or through an individual’s clothing. Ultimately, the judge denied bond on all sexual exploitation of children and unlawful eavesdropping or surveillance charges, so he currently remains incarcerated.
The suspect’s attorney strongly asserted that his client was innocent and that none of the recordings were taken intentionally.
According to the restaurant’s website, the suspect is no longer affiliated with them in any way.
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