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Man tried to Kidnap 10-Year-Old from School Steps

A man in Colorado was arrested after his parents told the police that they believed he was the suspect they were seeking in a case involving the attempted kidnapping of a 10-year-old girl.
On the morning of September 23, a 10-year-old girl attending the STEM Launch School in Thornton was sitting outside the building on the steps after her mom dropped her off.
According to reports, a man driving a gray Saturn Aura parked near the front of the building. When he got out of the car, he allegedly walked up to the youngster.
The man allegedly grabbed the girl, and when she began to scream, he covered her mouth with his hand.
While she struggled to escape from his hold, the girl pulled down the man’s face mask.
He immediately fled and returned to his automobile after his face was exposed, leaving the child safe at the school.
The authorities were notified, and it was discovered that the school surveillance cameras recorded the incident.
When the police viewed the footage, they reported that after the man left the youngster and got into his car, he used the passenger door to enter. They additionally collected a description of the suspect and the clothing he was wearing during the alleged attempted kidnapping.
Images of the man and his car were released to the public to try to enlist their help in finding him.
On September 26, his parents went to the authorities and reported that they saw the report about the incident. They said they believed their son was the man involved. They reportedly also told the police that their son had to use the passenger door to enter his vehicle after he was in an accident.
Later that day, the authorities found the suspect with his vehicle outside of a local Home Depot and placed him under arrest.
The man was booked into the Adams County Jail.
The 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office released a statement confirming that they have filed charges of second-degree kidnapping against the suspect.
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