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Cops Found Kids at Home Alone Viewing Home Alone

The mother of two children has been accused of neglecting them when the authorities found them inside of their home without an adult in charge.

When the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office received a tip that two kids were suspected to have been left home unsupervised they went to the address to investigate the report.

Officers arrived at the house just before 1:00 pm and a 7-year-old boy reportedly came up to the door. As reported in the affidavit, he stated, “It’s the police” and instead of opening the door he made a phone call to his aunt to tell her what was happening.

When the children’s aunt came to the home the child was still hesitant about opening the door but she was able to talk him into doing so, and the officers entered to find a second child, age 4, inside.

Upon inspection, it was noted that the kids were watching the movie Home Alone on the sofa and the older child allegedly told the police that his mother was at work. He was further reported as saying that he didn’t go to school so that he could tend to his brother who was ill at the time.

When Taylor Cummings, the 25-year-old mother of the children, was contacted she was at the Youth Opportunity Center where she had started her shift at 7:00 am. When she came home and talked with the officers she allegedly told them that her youngest child was sick and she could not find anyone to watch him. She additionally said that she needed to go to work so she put her older son in charge, which she reportedly disclosed that she had done on very rare occasion in the past as she usually stays home with them or has someone else in charge.

The kids were left with their aunt while Cummings was booked into the county jail where she is facing two misdemeanor counts of child neglect and her bond was set at $10,000.

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