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House Sitters for Ex-Cop Unaware of Being Filmed While Having Sex

During the time that a couple was house sitting for a man, they have alleged that he recorded them while they were engaging in sexual intercourse, but that they had no knowledge of the presence of the filming equipment.

51-year-old Bryan Kent Neal is a retired officer that worked for the Vacaville Police Department for 22 years and left his position in 2016.

When Neal reportedly asked a woman and her partner to house sit for him while he was on vacation they became frisky while watching over the residence and had sex in his home.

The woman was at Neal’s residence over the summer when she allegedly located footage on his computer that she believed depicted herself and her partner while they were being intimate.

The alleged victims came forward and told the police what they had found and a thorough investigation was started. A Lieutenant who works with the field operations division of the Vacaville Police Department said that since Neal worked on the force beside them they believed it was necessary to examine the situation as fully as possible so that it did not appear as if they were giving him special treatment.

When the authorities saw the reported content they believed that the alleged victim’s claims gave them enough probable cause to assume that Neal had participated in illegal activity by his means of collecting the footage of the sexual encounter.

In addition to the digital images, Neal has been accused of trying to ask the couple to refrain from giving testimony against him in court, which has been seen as suspected bribery and dissuasion of a witness.

On December 14, Neal was taken into custody and he is facing charges of one count of disorderly conduct by distributing a private intimate image causing emotional harm, three counts of dissuading a witness from reporting a crime, and three counts of bribing a witness.

Neal was released from custody and he is awaiting a scheduled court appearance for an arraignment regarding the allegations on January 11.

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