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Renowned Child Abuse Survivor Sexually Assaulted Child

A woman who made the headlines after she was rescued from many years of torture and abuse as a young child has been accused of engaging in sexual encounters with a teenage girl.

The now-25-year-old Lauren Kavanaugh became known to many as “The Girl in the Closet” nearly two decades ago after it was discovered that she was living under a staircase and enduring several types of abuse at the hands of her parents, who were both sentenced to life in prison for the 6 years of mistreatment of the child.

Kavanaugh started a Facebook page to try to lend support to other people who had been through similar experiences and she reportedly made the acquaintance of a teenage girl through the page.

It was reported that Kavanaugh was staying with the 14-year-old’s family at their residence and during the time that she lived there she allegedly had sexual relations with the young girl for a couple of months.

When the teenager revealed her alleged relationship to the police they began to investigate the claims and questioned Kavanaugh about the assertions that the girl had made regarding them having sex. It was reported that Kavanaugh allegedly stated that she did have a carnal connection with the underage girl.

Her alleged statement resulted in Kavanaugh being taken into custody and booked into the county jail in lieu of $10,000 bail. She is facing charges for the sexual assault of a child.

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