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Cops May Have Arrested Wrong Woman for School Bomb Threat 

The mother of a high school student is facing charges after it was asserted that she left a voicemail message threatening to blow up the school due to the size of the school lunch portions. 

41-year-old Anaya Metoya Smith is the mother of a boy who previously attended Cocoa High School in Cocoa, Florida. 

On February 3, Smith’s child reportedly voiced his displeasure to the cafeteria worker over the size of his lunch portion. 

After the school day had concluded, someone reportedly left a message on the Cocoa High School answering machine. 

The caller reportedly threatened to blow up the school because their child was not given a larger portion of food. 

When a staff member of the school listened to the recording, they reported that it was an angry parent expressing discontent over the portions given to the students at lunchtime. The caller reportedly made concerning comments about the campus, such as a threat to “blow that mother [expletive] up.” 

The authorities were notified, and the school evacuated the children. 

It was reported that the police did not find any explosives. 

The school believed that Smith was the person who left the message and said that they came to that conclusion because the number of the caller matched Smith’s number in their files. 

The police said that they had spoken with Smith before, and they believed the voice on the recording matched Smith’s. 

Smith was placed under arrest on April 20. She has been accused of a felony for making a false report to bomb state property and a misdemeanor for allegedly interfering with school administrative functions. 

After she was released from custody the next day on a $5,250 bond, Smith’s sister gave a statement insisting that she was innocent of the charges. The woman said that Smith did not make the call and the school made a mistake. 

It was reported that between February and March, Cocoa High School received three other bomb threats. 

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