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Caregiver Son Locked Disabled Dad in Room for 8 Months 

A Florida man who was a caregiver for his disabled father was accused of locking the bedridden man in his room inside an unsanitary home for approximately 8 months. 

22-year-old Jonathan Woods lives with his girlfriend in Palm Beach County in his disabled dad’s home in a 55+ community. Woods, who moved into the home approximately 3 years ago after his father had several strokes, was acting as the man’s caregiver.  

Woods’ dad, who is unable to get out of bed by himself, reportedly believed that in the past few months, the standard of care that Woods was providing started to diminish. 

Woods’ father needed to have access to medical providers, but the man was reportedly prevented from seeing them and receiving treatment. The man was also allegedly living in filth and covered in feces and bedsores. 

He was reportedly trapped in his bedroom with a makeshift lock affixed on the outside of the door, and he allegedly had food withheld from him for days at a time. The man was also reportedly unbathed. 

On April 5, Woods’ dad called 911 to report the situation. 

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office sent deputies to the home. 

When they arrived, the law enforcement officers said that there were roaches all over the man’s room. The floor was reportedly concealed by the number of pests present, and excrement was on all the surfaces. It was reported that it appeared as if the man had been relieving himself in bottles and keeping them in the room. 

The man, who allegedly had bedsores and feces all over him, reportedly told the authorities that he suffered from more than one seizure in the past few days, and he was not given any medical help. He also reported that he had not been given a meal or water in four days. 

The deputies had the alleged victim removed from the home. 

Woods, who allegedly said he did not realize how neglected the home had become, reportedly admitted that he had not been providing proper care to his father. 

The police took Woods into custody in lieu of a $50,000 bond, and he is expected to face charges of false imprisonment and neglect of an elderly person/disabled adult. 

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