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Cops Rescued Gila Monster from DUI Suspect During Arrest 

According to the authorities, a man suspected of driving under the influence was caught with a Gila monster in his vehicle, but he did not have a permit to legally possess the venomous lizard. 

On the evening of June 5, 37-year-old Brandon Denney was reportedly parked in a convenience store parking lot with the engine of his vehicle running. It was reported that he was fading in and out of consciousness behind the wheel. 

The man was seen by someone as they walked by, and they notified the authorities about what they saw. 

Officers with the Mesa Police Department went to the location and reported that they saw Denney sitting in the automobile, and they reported that he was asleep. 

According to reports, Denney was holding a pill bottle. 

The police roused Denney, but they reported that he had trouble keeping his eyes open. It was also noted that he had physical indications of being under the influence. 

When Denney was performing the exercises in the roadside sobriety tests, an officer spotted a box in the car and said they saw a lizard’s head emerge. 

When he was asked why he had the Gila monster, Denney reportedly said that he believed he hit it with his vehicle, and he wanted to ensure that it was okay. 

Many pieces of drug paraphernalia, in addition to cocaine, methamphetamine, and one pill assumed to be fentanyl were also allegedly found in the automobile. 

The police learned that Denney was wanted in California for kidnapping allegations, and in Nevada for suspicion of attempted grand larceny of a motor vehicle, with total bonds of $1.4M. 

Denney was placed under arrest. As of now, he may face charges for driving under the influence. It was reported that additional charges could arise from having possession of the Gila monster. 

The Arizona Game and Fish Department took possession of the Gila monster, who was not reported as having been harmed during the incident. 

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