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Severely Abused Toddler Suffered Cardiac Arrest 

A Las Vegas mother and her boyfriend have been accused of abusing her 2-year-old child after he went into cardiac arrest and serious injuries were found on the boy. 

33-year-old Dominque Richard has a 2-year-old son, and she is currently pregnant. The woman has a 32-year-old boyfriend. 

At the end of April, Richard watched as her son’s body suddenly dropped to the floor and he struck his head.  

Richard called 911, and the child was taken to the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. 

It was reported that the youngster was experiencing cardiac arrest. According to the paramedics, he additionally had bruises on his body and indications of a head injury. 

When the doctors administered medical treatment, they reported that the child’s pelvis and skull were fractured. He also had kidney and liver trauma, and a mark on his leg that appeared as if it was made from a belt. 

Though Richard said her son fell on the floor and hit his head, the doctors did not think the boy’s injuries could have been sustained in that way. They additionally reported that the child had “growth arrest lines” on his femur bone. This is usually associated with experiencing ongoing traumas. 

The Las Vegas Police spoke to Richard, and she allegedly told them she had used a belt to discipline her son on rare occasions. 

When they looked through the woman’s cell phone, the police said they saw text messages between Richard and her boyfriend where she asked him to stop disciplining the child so that his injuries could heal. 

Richard was taken into custody on May 25 on suspicion of five counts of child abuse with substantial bodily harm and one count of allowing child abuse.  

One week later, her boyfriend was placed under arrest on suspicion of five counts of child abuse with substantial bodily harm. 

It was discovered that the Department of Family Services had visited Richard’s residence three times in the past three years. 

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