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Woman Used Brick as Weapon in Domestic Assault 

A Pennsylvania woman allegedly used a brick as a weapon and injured a man during a domestic dispute last weekend. 

41-year-old Margaret Ann Black lives in an apartment at The Majestic (aka Castleton Apartment Complex) in New Castle. 

Just after midnight on June 11, Black was reportedly hanging out with a man in the apartment complex. 

The pair got into an argument that escalated and allegedly became physical. It was reported that Black struck the man several times. 

The authorities were notified, and Black reportedly locked herself inside her dwelling. 

Officers with the Newcastle Police Department went to the address to assess the situation. 

It was reported that when they spoke with the alleged victim, he accused Black of hitting and punching him before striking him with a brick. The man reportedly had an injury on his arm, and he asserted that it was obtained when Black hit with the object. 

The police tried to interact with Black, and according to reports, she would not answer her apartment door when they knocked. 

They decided to use a ram on the door, but the officer was unable to break through the barrier. 

The New Castle Fire Department was called to the scene, and they used tools intended for breaching to get into the residence. 

When the police tried to detain Black, it was reported that she resisted and fought against them. She allegedly continued behaving destructively, and the authorities decided to put her in restraints at the station. 

Black was booked into the Lawrence County jail in lieu of a $30,000 bond. She may face charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, simple assault, resisting arrest, indecent assault, and harassment.   

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