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Cops Spot Driver Amid Sex Act and Crack Use

The police allegedly saw a driver while he was in the middle of receiving fellatio and smoking what they believe was crack while stopped at a red light.

Detectives in an unmarked car were driving within two blocks of the police station when they reportedly stopped at a red light and saw the driver of a Chrysler engaging in what they believed were illegal activities.

When they approached the automobile and tried to tell the driver that he would need to pull over, the light turned green and he allegedly sped away.

The detectives were unable to stop the suspect before he disappeared from their view, and another officer in the area who heard the call for back-up found and successfully got the man to halt the vehicle. The female passenger that the authorities allege was performing oral sex upon the driver reportedly exited the car and ran off without being apprehended.

When the inside of the car was searched it was reported that a “small amount of crack cocaine” was discovered.

The suspect, identified as 51-year-old Michael Douville, was taken into custody and he is facing charges for suspicion of lewdness, disobeying a police officer, reckless conduct and drug possession.

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