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Inebriated Sergeant Crashed Into Liquor Store

An off-duty Memphis sergeant was accused of driving under the influence after he allegedly crashed his vehicle into a structure outside of a liquor store.

62-year-old Sergeant Thomas Berryhill has worked with the Memphis Police Department for 26 years.

On Saturday afternoon, Berryhill was reportedly involved in a single-vehicle crash while he was off-duty involving his car and a column outside of a liquor store in East Memphis.

The Memphis Police Department was notified by a woman who said she was detaining Berryhill at the location until law enforcement could arrive at the scene, and officers were sent to the establishment. The caller said that she felt the suspect was intoxicated, and that she saw him holding a bottle of alcohol after he got out of his car following the crash.

When Berryhill and the officers were speaking about the event, the man allegedly told them that he has trouble with his vision and his eyes were affected after he drove on a long-distance trip back to Memphis from Florida. Berryhill explained that his strained eyesight was the culprit of his making an impact with the pillar in front of the store.

The officers reported that Berryhill was emitting what they believed was a faint odor of alcohol, and they attempted to guide him through sobriety tests.

Berryhill reportedly was unable to properly follow the directions given during the attempted testing, so a blood test was administered.

In addition to losing his job due to the allegations, Berryhill is also facing charges for suspicion of DUI, public intoxication and reckless driving.

Berryhill was released from custody on his own recognizance, and the results of his blood test have not yet been reported.

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