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Couple with Conflicting Stories Arrested for Battery  

A Florida married couple were both arrested after they had an allegedly violent drunken fight which caused the authorities to show up at their home, and they gave the police conflicting accounts of the cause. 

Early in the morning on October 29, a husband and wife were reportedly having a verbal disagreement at their home in Leesburg. Both were allegedly drinking alcohol the entire night before the argument. 

According to reports, the situation escalated and became violent, and the authorities were notified when the wife called for emergency assistance. 

Deputies from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office went to the residence to investigate the situation. 

They arrived just after 5:00 AM, and the 44-year-old man was noted as “extremely intoxicated.” 

His 43-year-old wife spoke to the deputies and gave her an account of the incident. She reported that she let her husband know she was going to take a flight to stay with her relatives. She informed him that she had already purchased the tickets, and her husband allegedly became infuriated. 

The woman said she walked outside of the house to smoke a cigarette, and her husband followed her. 

She reportedly told the deputies that her husband shoved her and then began slamming her head on the ground. The woman had injuries that the deputies believed could have been sustained in the way that she described. 

When her husband gave the deputy his account of what happened, it was entirely different from his wife’s claims. 

The man said he was asleep when his spouse began assaulting him. He said his arm bled from the alleged beating, and after it concluded they walked outside together. 

He also reported that he did not put his hands on her, and she was injured because she fell and hit her head. 

They were both taken into custody and are each preliminarily charged on suspicion of one count of domestic battery. 

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